Vision Films picks up Nicholas Brooks’ SAM - a Gender-Bending Romantic Comedy

How do you get even with a womanizer? You make him a women! The wheel of karma takes a hilarious spin when a magical curse transforms Sam, a misogynistic playboy, into a beautiful woman who must learn how to value females by being one herself. But when she starts feeling more romance than bromance for her best bud, she wonders if she'll ever master the feminine mystique...or remain firmly planted in the friendzone.

STARRING: Natalie Knepp (The Night Before), Sean Kleiner (The Intern), Morgan Fairchild (Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2), Stacey Keach (The Bourne Legacy) and Sarah Scott (The Artist)

DIRECTED BY: Nicholas Brooks

PRODUCED BY: John A. Gallagher , Nicholas Brooks, Sibyl Santiago 

GENRE(S): Romantic Comedy, * New Releases

RUNTIME: (100 Min)
YEAR: 2015